DSers vs Oberlo: Can Dropshippers Expect the Same Great Service?

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DSers vs Oberlo: Can Dropshippers Expect the Same Great Service?

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Shopify dropshippers were thrown off guard when Shopify announced it would close the popular dropshipping app in June 2022. Shopify also recommended that all former Oberlo users transfer their products and orders to their new, official dropshipping partner, DSers. So, that begs the question, Phone Number List what are the differences between DSers vs Oberlo?

Can you still find and import products from AliExpress? Does it still seamlessly integrate with the Shopify ecommerce platform and offer things like a Chrome extension, free plan, and the ability to make bulk orders?

These are all valid questions, since Shopify actually has a myriad of AliExpress dropshipping apps to choose from, so we want to get a solid idea as to why Shopify decided to vouch for DSers over the rest of them. To do so, we've heavily tested and researched the DSers Shopify app and compared it to all the features Oberlo used to offer. This way, you're able to make your own decision as to which dropshipping tool you should add to your Shopify store, and figure out how close DSers and Oberlo are when it comes to features.

Table of contents
Oberlo vs DSers
DSers vs Oberlo
This guide is for beginners to the dropshipping game, as well as advanced Oberlo users who want close to the exact features from DSers as they came to expect from Oberlo.

We’ll review:

Features of DSers vs Oberlo
Pricing of DSers vs Oberlo
Interface of DSers vs Oberlo
Customer support of DSers vs Oberlo
Let’s get started.

Feature Comparison: DSers vs Oberlo
Both DSers and Oberlo offer large collections of features, both of which are meant to make dropshipping easy for merchants. You pick products from AliExpress (and some other sources), sync the product details with your Shopify story, then the orders get automatically sent for fulfillment to the suppliers. Both of them also ensure that the merchants don’t have to mess with inventory updates or shipping, seeing as how the suppliers complete all of that for you.

Oberlo Ecommerce Integrations
One interesting part about Oberlo is that it only integrated with one ecommerce platform: Shopify.
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